Is there a way to act on a sprite before any player movement?

I'm trying to work out how to interact with a sprite before the player begins moving. I placed a spite next to the player so that when the game starts the player appears to be facing the sprite, and I've tried the following code, but it seems like the player can't act on anything if the player hasn't moved yet.


on confirm do


on interact do
  if event.dy==0 then
    goto x,y in "room"

The result is that the player only goes to the destination if the player acts on the sprite from the left or right. Any help would be great.

This is an interesting problem! act will target the tile in the direction of last dpad input.

I've just played around with it and when the game starts, before any dpad input, act won't target any of the surrounding tiles (I had wondered if it would default to a direction like upwards, but it doesn't).

The direction act targets isn't affected by calling goto either, so you can't start the player one tile left then move them one tile on room enter, or anything like that, as far as I can tell.

One option is to hack it using the confirm event to call interact on the sprite. Put it inside an if that's only true when the game starts (set a flag as soon as the player first updates or something).

Thanks for checking orkn. I think I will try a different approach then. I'm trying to make a simple start screen with the player swapped for a "cursor" tile. I think you're right to suggest using the confirm event with some conditionals. I'll make a different thread about it.