Is there a way to show a loading screen between the end of the title card animation and the first frame of the game being ready?

Even just freezing on the last frame of the title card animation? Optimally looping something that looks like a loading screen? I know I need to reorganize my project substantially, but right now it’s taking several seconds to load, so it just goes to a white screen between the title card and the game being ready.

When the game is launched, you can have an animation if you set launchImages in the meta data or launchImage.png.


Oh, WOW. Apparently at the end of 2019 when I first started messing with this, I set a white image to launchImage.png. And then I totally forgot! :sweat_smile: Thank you

(also btw I have been using sequence.lua a lot this week and really appreciate you sharing it!)

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