Is there a way to toggle labels on and off?

Working on a prototype of a game in Pulp right now, and for the purpose of debugging some variables, I threw together some quick labels.

Problem is, they obstruct some of what the player is able to view on-screen due to the sheer number of them, and I was wondering if there is a way to toggle labels on and off by calling an event.

AFAIAA: labels can only be created / called by the player's 'draw' event. Is there some workaround/way to hide them?

I COULD just put together a separate debug menu that displays these variables, but ehhhh...

Or in any event called from the player's draw event! An easy way to organise debug code like this might be to put all of the labels in an event called debug and then call that from the draw event. To toggle it off/on you just need to comment/uncomment that one call.