Isometric game / visualisation help

Hello! I'm planning to develop an isometric adventure game (like the old Ultimate titles for the ZX Spectrum) and I wonder if someone has some tutorial or experience doing this on the Playdate.
Any help is more than welcomed, thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Patricio!

Generally, this approach:

You could use Tiled editor to lay out your maps:

An isometric map loader has already been written, here:

This gives you a good start!

On Playdate, you would want to leverage the Sprite system to avoid unnecessary redraws.

If your map is larger than the screen then you would need to do some optimisations so that only the visible tiles are drawn and processed for other things like animation and collision.

Testing this on hardware would be recommended, as there was a previous isometric game here that had performance problems (mostly from trying to do too much)


Fantastic Matt, thank you so much, I was testing the LuaPill
library, that in conjunction with your suggestions should give me a better idea of how to make some good progress. You rock man, thanks a lot! :playdate_happy:


Hi there, do you have a fork / update to work with playdate sdk to load sprites?
(The LuaPill is working with LΓΆve2D right?)