Just some stuff i wanted to say about this amazing yellow thing

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The PlayDate is awesome, but it could be way better, so here's everything that would be nice to have:


  1. Be able to customize the noti light in-game
  2. Be able to lock the PlayDate (password, code, maybe even picking a lock with the crank or something cool like that)
  3. Unity package (pulp is an awesome engine but its only really good for top-down OG Zelda-style games, so a unity package to make any type of game or even a seperate game engine would be awesome because coding without an engine is HARD)
  4. Actually i think thats it


  1. PlayDate evolution like gameboy in the future? (PlayDate Color, Advance, etc.)
  2. Accessories like a worm light (but USB-C and yellow) or stuff like that
  3. Storage expansion or a MicroSD card adapter (this wouldn't even need a new console, it could just be something to plug into the USB-C port with a software update)
  4. Maybe a PlayDate SIM card adapter, like the Vita had
  5. If we have that, maybe a bunch of new system apps would be cool, like a web-browser (actually that might be hard with a black and white screen), messaging like a pager, stuff like that
  6. A SPOTIFY CLIENT? :playdate_sound: actually these last two are software, whatever its fine
  7. Online multiplayer/server connection in the SDK
  8. these are all software now
  9. What about a kit (like an Arduino or something) that plugs into the USB-C port and allows you to interface with the PlayDate hardware to build your own accessories? I've seen third-party playdate cameras and things but those all require technical knowledge, soldering, etc. so something like this would be awesome

OK yeah that's it, if anyone at Panic sees this and ends up doing any of these things, first of all THANK YOU SO MUCH, second can I have one? Also if you want designs, i have some ideas (or TE has some better ones)

OH, i forgot two things:

BUILD QUALITY: Basically, it's overall pretty good, but the body of my playdate has some decolorization around the edges and a couple parts that you can press down on and possibly break it if you do it too hard

CRANK DECOLORIZATION: Basically, the crank is made from metal. If you use it enough, the oil from your hands will make the crank all brown, and mine is like that. Maybe there's some kind of protective coating or something that you could put on the crank to stop that? Or maybe just paint it silver?

geez i say basically a lot (basically)


I think this is a big ask, considering the size of a game engine like Unity. I'm not even sure Unity would be slim enough to fit within the Playdate's constraints, such as memory, storage, display, etc.

With this said, there do exist some frameworks and tools for Playdate, such as the Noble Engine (see: NobleRobot/NobleEngine: A li'l game engine for Playdate. (github.com).