Keyboard does not nullify `columnNextSound` and `columnPreviousSound` when hidden


I am porting the Keyboard API to C and noticed that columnNextSound and columnPreviousSound are not released when the keyboard is hidden. An unused variable named columnSound is set to nil instead.

columnNextSound and columnPreviousSound are defined lines 191 and 192:

local columnNextSound = nil
local columnPreviousSound = nil
local rowSound = nil
local bumpSound = nil
local keySound = nil

And here is what is set to nil when the keyboard is hidden:

local function hideKeyboard(okPressed)
  -- [...]
  -- free up memory
  columnSound = nil
  rowSound = nil
  bumpSound = nil
  keySound = nil
  originalText = nil

Thanks, we'll take a look at this! Sounds like it should be a quick fix.

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