Large background images

Is there a way to load a single large background image instead of individually placing single tiles?

I am making a Myst style adventure game. For it I would like to draw large background images but importing and placing single sprites is beyond tedious. Even more so when I think about how many rooms i would have to create.

There's no way to select or place down an array of tiles at once i'm afraid.

You could use this asprite script
Aseprite script: Export multi-tile animations to Pulp - Playdate Developer Forum

To design a full room in asprite then import them more easily into pulp. As pulp is a little funny at the moment about how it likes files to come in.

Wow that is super helpful but I was looking to do something like this as reference.

This is completely possible currently but extremely tedious as I have to click each individual 8x8 sprite to load it into the room.

Can I request a button to place the next X number of sprites for me. Or even a script that can do it?

Mate, that would look amazing.

There's no way to do what you're asking for at the moment but you could ask for it.

You could make a new post requesting it or post on my feature request post.
Or add to my Pulp QoL Feature Requests post where I ask for a few things I think you're looking for.

That looks incredible. For a static image you can use this method to tile the whole or parts of the screen.

Bonus you can keep all times as frames in a single tile. Which is glorious for organization.