LCD / alarm clock font

I'm looking for an LCD font of about size 20.
Something like this:

Before I go through the manual labor of using tophat
and cleaning up the result. Does anyone have such an LCD font available?

The only characters I need are "0123456789:-+"

Topic title seems unrelated.

I have fonts like this. Check out my games!

Happy to share when I get a moment.

Title fixed.

Thanks, I'll have a look sometime soon.

I do remember a perfect example of what Im looking for from your games, but if memory serves that one was much smaller.

I'd say the usable size range would be 16-26.

I'd gladly use it if you have them in that range

Update: Unfortunately, the angle indicator in bender seems too large and the score counter too small

I made a few (wrong sizes for you) and FWIW, making JUST a set of digital digits as pixel art is pretty fun and easy. What I did:

  1. Make a new Playdate font in Caps (or wherever) and quickly hand scribble the few characters you need—purely for your reference. 15 seconds to do them all. They don't need to look like anything.

  2. Load the resulting PNG in your graphics software, make a new layer. and draw just the "8" as pixelart.

  3. Copy the 8 nine times, erasing the unwanted segments.

  4. Draw the few other symbols.

  5. Turn off the reference layer and export the new PNG.

Quicker than cleaning up anything, you can get exactly what you want. (Caps makes a nice tiny PNG when you only have a few characters.)

Ah. I don't have one within those sizes.

Smallest of mine is 7px high! Numbers only

The one I have in Circular is size "12", full alphabet.

I also did one at size "42" for Bender, full alphabet!

Screenshots from Bits'n'Picas

This is how I created mine, too.

My alphabets use more than those 7 segments but the methodology is the same: draw one then flood fill to erase the unused segments.

Interesting, that should work. Thanks.