Lighthouse keeper game

Hey there! I thought I'd share my little project where you play as a lighthouse keeper that guides ships to port. It started as an entry for Playjam 3 (the theme was Just Out of Sight) but I didn't have time to finish in time.

So far I'm calling it Dark Tides Ahead and you play it with the screen sideways:

I'm planning on keeping it small, it was kinda an excuse to make a few systems I'd been wanting to try out. And I don't have hardware I'm not too bothered by performance :stuck_out_tongue: but I've go a few ideas for optimization!

Some libraries I'm using:


Cool! At what point in your rendering process are you rotating for the vertical/portrait layout?


At first I rotated it in code, but I wanted preset "scales" with their own dithering so I wrote a script and added the rotation too. It ends up looking like this:


This looks fantastic!
I wonder how it would be to have a secondary navigation with the extra screen space. e.g. a map of the land with dots of ships / other POIs


Thank you :smile: I've been thinking of ways to show some version of a map, and right now I'm thinking something like the score display in the classic xbox game: Whacked!

And an update: I've got obstacles working but they're not fancy enough for a gif yet so :zipper_mouth_face:

Super! This is a great example of using GFXP.
I will wait for the continuation!

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Been sidetracked with a few other projects, but finally got some time to work on this a little. The ships now avoid obstacles when lit up!



Neat! Portrait-orientation crank sounds fun for this!

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Thank god for blender. The dithering isn't quite right but meh for a quick test it came out nicely


Worked on some launch animation stuff, will show that off after I get the menu done. For now I procrastinated by adding debug tools for the sim

Is playdate.debugDraw() called even when you're not in the sim? I'm using playdate.isSimulator to change what happens for debug, but now I'm curious if I even have to...

Is the game released yet? :slight_smile: it looks great! :slight_smile:

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It’s not yet, I had the optimization mostly done and then had a busy summer :sweat_smile: I should be getting my device this month though, so it’ll be way easier to get the gameplay feeling better!

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