Looking for an artist for a City / maze game

I am currently working on a game where you have to navigate through a City (a maze) while responding to random events until you reach the exit.
The basic game structure is making good progress but I would like to partner with someone who could help on the art (and/or programming and game design if there is a desire).

At the moment, the game is fairly simple as I wish to complete a first version before iterating and adding new features.
At this point, the art required would be: a city skyline, some buildings (more details will be provided), a car and some title screens and arts linked to the specific events.

Please let me know if someone is interested in this project.

EDIT: Happy to provide more details / current screens / etc. but don't want to spoil everything beforehand!

Is it overhead Zelda view?

I think the visualizations doesn't matter that much to be honest. I made this game on NDS a long time ago and want to do a Playdate port (or remake since I lost the NDS code....)
The NDS version looked like this (I had help for the graphics), so I started with something similar in mind but can adapt (these were mostly static screens with a bit of animation, not a 3D engine)

In case someone passes by, here is roughly how it looks like today.
A lot of background work is ready such the maze generation or the event system but I was hoping someone would be interested in ironing out this project with me :slight_smile:
As you can see, this is a quick prototype (actually not that quick, I spent some time drawing these ugly things :D)

Hi! The project seem's fun ! I have made this quick test in 3D ( I'm motion designer ).

What do you think of a "Sin City" style art direction ?

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Nice screens! The last one actually reminded me of Batman for some reason. Maybe the combination of black and white with modern buildings and a church, whow knows? :slight_smile:
By the way, I actually made some progress on this and posted here: Escape from Mad City . I would be keen to get your opinion on the latest progress / art style picked!