Loopsy, a quirky puzzle game (released!)

Hi All,

I wanted to share a quirky little puzzle game I've been working on. Any follows or comments on itchio would be super appreciated, but everyone here is doing amazing work so keep it up!

I'm thinking of making the full source available (for a small fee) when it launches. Is that a bad and/or crazy idea? :scream:

And here's an exclusive first look at the launcher (timings are a little quicker in the sim capture):


Thanks for looking!


Loopsy is out now as pay what you want, featuring:

  • Arcade/Puzzle/Zen modes
  • 30 Puzzle levels
  • 3 Music tracks
  • Local leaderboards
  • Dark theme
  • Game stats (playtime, longest loop, etc)
  • A "secret" menu

I plan to support the game post-launch and would appreciate any feedback.


Thanks everyone!


Congrats on the launch! This week is a great week for puzzle games.

It's advised by itch to do a "major update" devlog post at the launch of your game, especially if your game page was created a while before. This gives it a bump up the search results.


Hey thanks! I made this one a "major update" but I don't think you can actually tell just by looking at the page: Loopsy Released! - Loopsy for Playdate by paulz

I did notice that it might still require some manual approval for the search results bump though:

"[Major Update] These posts will boost project position on the Recently Added & Updated list pending curator approval."

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Hey all, I added "online" (QR code) leaderboards to version 1.2, which is available now.

The feature took way longer to implement than I expected, but on game over the game generates a unique QR code with your score and uuid, performs a simple secret key encoding and sends the request to the leaderboards (implemented in PHP/SQL) here:


Would love to know if it works for others and what you think! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: