Mac: Quicklook broken since 1.13?

It might be just me because I installed a whole bunch of beta `sdk's on my mac, but before I could go into a pdx file to inspect pdi and pdt files. with Nac's quicklook feature. (press spacebar with a file selected to see a window with a content preview).

Not really worth creating a bug for, but... broken for everyone or just me?

No problem on my Mac with SDK 1.13.1:

Have you tried rebooting your Mac? Quicklook is very fussy about reloading plug-ins that are replaced/removed.

Another trick that often gets Quicklook working again for me is restarting the Finder, either killall Finder in Terminal or option key+right click on the dock icon then do Relaunch

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Yep just a finder restart was enough

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