(Meta) Allow WebMs

Currently only jpg, jpeg, png, gif, zip attachments are allowed on posts which lead to me converting my 80kB WebM to a 130kB and worse looking gif :sweat_smile:

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Pretty sure they're using https://www.discourse.org/
Not sure they have a lot of control over it.

I believe the Discourse official line is that support is still patchy: https://caniuse.com/webm

We can allow new filetypes, but we’ve been hesitant to allow video, since the files are usually ordered of magnitude larger than anything else. Think of our poor server :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, in your example, the WebM would be very small, so perhaps there’s some combination of filetype and file size we could look at…


I think Discourse does a pretty good job displaying things in-line when hosted else where:

Test of random webm video:

This won't play on my iPhone :thinking:

I suspect it's the fact that little box isn't green on caniuse :wink: