Microphone always on when Simulator is playing

While I was fiddling around Windows 11 Privacy settings, in the Microphone section I saw there were around 100 requests, and mostly from Playdate SDK.

And it's constantly in use even when no game is running, like in Settings menu or such.

If I understand correctly, this is be needed for the [micinput](https://sdk.play.date/2.1.1/Inside%20Playdate.html#_mic_input). But in my game I'm not using this particular function.

I'm wondering about the following things.

  1. Even if I had microphone functions in use in game, why is it always using it even when game is not running?
  2. How do I disable microphone access completely for the Playdate SDK? As Windows 11 only gives me a blanket off switch for all PC apps (all Win32 apps I guess?) Maybe there should be a off switch within the simulator?
  3. While it may not be a big deal for everyone and I keep Panic in high regards for respecting my privacy, I would like them to at least mention somewhere in the SDK regarding this behaviour. As I wouldn't want any app constantly using my microphone.

I honestly tried searching for microphone related stuff for this topic but there wasn't any posts I could find. But if there is any info already, it'd be really helpful if you could share those.

This came up in Turn off mic listening in Simulator when mic isn't being used by the SDK and @willco said it was fixed in the 2.0 SDK.

Thank you for sharing that link!

Iā€™m currently using the latest 2.1.1 and Windows 11. Maybe it needs another look.

It was fixed in the Mac sim specifically. I'll take a look at the Windows sim, thanks.


Circling back on this; we open a connection to the microphone but don't read from it until a game requests it. However, it appears just opening a connection is enough to trigger the prompt. I've changed the Sim to only open a connection when a game requests reading the mic.

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@willco thank you for the response!
Just to confirm, have you fixed this for Linux as well?
I haven't tested it myself as I've just started working with Playdate on Linux.

Just checked on Linux. The microphone stays on while the sim is on.

I assume the fix will arrive in a future version of the Simulator.

I understand. Was just testing for the current version as it wasn't addressed above.

Yup, my change will also fix the linux version.

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