Multiple player save files

Hi, I was wondering if any other developers were thinking of supporting multi player save files for their games?

For example, having a 'New Player' option on their title screen which would allow a new person to create a new save file to store their individual progress. Then there'd be 'Continue' or 'Switch Player' options in the main menu to let a player choose whether to play on with their game or load another one.

This is already possible using datastore but you'd have to code the interface and logic yourself

I think I understand the coding of it, just wondering if it's going to be something expected in Playdate games or not. I don't think any of the season 1 release games have it?

Casual Birder has a save selection. And from what I’ve read it seems it was a very appreciated feature.

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Nice! Guess I'm adding save files then :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if this was worth doing and now I'm adding multiple save files too... Think I'm going to go with the classic 3

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I'm planning on multiple save files (3 to 6 slots) for my horror game, just because I'm thinking it could take multiple sittings to get through. So you could let other people play on your Playdate risk free!

(I'm also thinking of letting you copy from one slot to another? Not sure yet how useful that would be.)