My First Game as an Indie Dev. Feel Free to Use anything out of this for your game! Npcs, High Scores, Appearing tiles!

I have recently finished my first game and wanted to post the json of it here.( I wanted to put the file directly in this post but couldn't figure out how, I hope linking it to itchio is okay given it is free. If not someone reply and tell me how and I'll edit it out and upload it directly. Cheers)

Link to Get json

I have posted this to Itchio and it's free up there. I learned a lot and wanted to share some of what I'd learned in case other people could be helped.

I spent a lot of time trial and erroring my way to creating NPCs that will wander on set intervals around the map, not destroying wall tiles, even if surrounded by them and it felt like a massive win. I hope that this can help someone else. I will say the only downside that I didn't address in my game is that an NPC that wanders over a non-collision tile (an item for instance) will destroy that tile. I didn't need to figure it out, so I didn't.

I also created high scores that cross over between saves and so that could be helpful to someone trying to figure that out. ( I already used it in my in-development second game...)

Lastly the leverCloset item on interact causes a whole slew of new tiles to appear and stay for future enter/exits of that room which might help someone learn how a single interact could draw basically a whole room via code which provides fun twists for players.

I had no experience with coding or game development prior to this and made this in about a week.

Wish you all the best and hope that this helps someone out. Pay it forward! :slight_smile:

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Congrats on your first release! That's a huge achievement :tada:

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Thank you! Funny enough, the second game is nearly done too, and that one blows this one out of the water! BTW I've seen a bunch of your posts/replies and I appreciate you, you have good questions and good answers. xD