'My Fishing Boat' demo

Hi, after some months of researching and learning the playdate sdk finally I created a demo of my "in development" game: My Fishing Boat.
You have a sailing boat and you need to fish or recover treasures to earn money and upgrade your boat to fish bigger fishes, bigger treasures, go to new seas...
I am not a good marketing guy, I know.
Here are some screenshots:










I know many bugs will appear and I appreciate if you tell me about them, or if you have any kind of suggestions to change / add to the game.
This is the demo file:
MyFishingBoat.pdx.zip (7.4 MB)

Thanks to Feel free to nab these 16px input icons/animations for these great icons
Thanks to A list of helpful libraries and code - #13 by dustin for the great fluid class. I changes a little bit because it does not work on the news SDK. This is my modified file for anyone that want to use
fluid.lua.zip (1.3 KB)

Postdata: I know my english is terrible, I will translate the game correctly in the next days. I am not a good designer so do not expect a great visual (if anyone wants to help I will be delighted)


Looks cool! My only thought is to avoid 1-pixel lines: they can be hard to see since the Playdate screen is so tiny, especially in imperfect lighting.

So for instance, the shark is super visible on the Playdate, but the top-view little boat and the text will be harder to see. Fattening the lines to 2 or 3 px, and maybe using a larger font size, would help.

If you don't have hardware yet, a quick-and-dirty test of the actual display size: try scaling some screenshots (or the Simulator if possible) so they're about 3.6cm tall on your monitor, and turn the brightness way down.

(Of course, in sunshine or a bright room, contrast is great!)

Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for the suggestions. Luckily I do have a playdate and tested the game on device, on good lightning conditions.
I will make the changes you comment and will see if all is in the right place with those changes and with poor light conditions it works better.
If anyone test this demo and have more suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks so much

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Hi, following the wise advices of @AdamsImmersive I made some changes in sprites and changed the font too. Now it looks like this:




And here is the new zip if someone wants to test the demo:
MyFishingBoat.pdx.zip (7.4 MB)

Thanks so much for the advices.


I'll try to give it a play! The bold lines are really nice.

I updated the demo game with many changes:

  • Lots of bug fixes solved thanks to the community comments
  • New sea (Night sea)
  • New missions available for each sea (Rescue boat, Castaway)
  • Fps improvements
  • New sounds
  • New tutorials

I uploaded the game in this itch.io page: My fishing boat by jkarpago

Thanks to everyone for the comments and help