Feel free to nab these 16px input icons/animations

I worked up a set of UI icons for the various input methods supported by the PlayDate tonight. I've already posted these over in the Playdate Squad Discord, and figured I'd share here as well - as long as you're not doing something crypto/NFT/blockchain-related you're free to use them how you will! Apologies if this isn't an appropriate place to put this, but it seemed the most relevant category based on the description in the About post.

I've got static icons for:

  • D-Pad (1 blank, 4 directionals). There's also a separate file on the Itch page that has the white overlays for each direction, in case you want to use them along with the blank icon to show multiple direction buttons pressed at once.
  • A, B, Menu buttons

And animations for:

  • Undock crank
  • Rotate crank
  • Pitch, Yaw, Roll rotations for accelerometer input