My Playdate shipped!

I do not need any help, I was just so excited and wanted to share the news! Hoping my other Group #5s are getting an early Xmas.


Mine did too, supposed to be here Saturday! :tada::tada:


What do we have here?


i'm also in group 5, i can't wait


I'm still waiting with baited breath. I ordered mine a month ago! Still hasn't shipped! I'm so impatient for it! :laughing:
I work an overnight shift, and a lot of it ends up spent on my phone passing the time. Looking forward to replacing my phone with a PlayDate haha.


I hope you get it soon! I ordered mine in February and it is fun.

Glad to hear it's fun! Im already planning out an RPG using Pulp lol. I'm also looking forward to P-Racing, Swap Machina, Playdapon, and Crank Tanks... If you've got any game recommendations, especially good time-killers... maybe a grindy game or one with a lot of collectibles, a level editor, other things that i can while away the time with... I'm all ears! :grin:

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I am really enjoying Casual Birder! It will be available right when you get your Playdate.

I want to port my 2d game engine to the Playdate:

I also bought some bundles on Itch, but I am trying to just enjoy what comes stock on the Playdate and have a more minimalist experience, like we would have had back in the days of Game Boy. Sometimes I will go down the rabbit hole of game collecting, rather than just enjoying the core experience.


Ordered mine back in January (I think), and it should arrive sometime next week :tada: