Need advice on buying PC or Linux box for PlayDate dev for 11-year-old

Hi all, I have an 11-year-old son who wants to make a game for PlayDate. We are a Mac-only household so we need a PC or Linux box. I'd love advice on the most economical system to buy for this.

I was a software engineer in my previous life so I'm pretty confident I can come up to speed on the SDK and help him with the development. However it's been many years so I'm very much out of the loop on latest hardware options.

Any advice?
Thank you!

Hello, you mean so your son can have his own computer? I ask because it's no problem to create games for Playdate on a Mac. The SDK is available for download for all platforms here: Develop for Playdate

Or you can use Pulp, which is a pure browser-based game editor for Playdate.

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Oh okay great! Thanks!