"New Games Available" Notification?

Slightly OT, but I recently had to migrate to a new Playdate hardware device and reloaded my extensive game collection of sideloaded games. Does anyone know if there's a way to "open" all the newly delivered packages all at one or to reset this setting? My Playdate has hundreds of "unopened" games that the device thinks are new and I'm not keen to launch every single one in order to clear the newness and turn off the new game light.

The light should not come back on once you've unlocked your device, even if there are unwrapped games remaining (unless more new games have been downloaded in the meantime).

There is not currently a way to unwrap all games at once, but we are aware this is an annoying issue sometimes and coming up with a solution is on our radar.

You're right, @dan.efergan. The light isn't always on, but the "New games available" notification persists on the home screen. Glad to know this is on the radar.

I heard list view doesn’t have the animation, you might be able to unwrap them quickly that way!