NTP synchronisation

Just received physical device and set up with account and wifi. Next day it tells me it’s January 1st, 8pm …

Should it sync time online automatically? Or is there something I need to do to trigger this?


My understanding was that it syncs with the computer when you plug it in-- mine did at least. However the time is in UTC and doesn’t support timezone yet. Again, just from what I’ve heard in the discord, not sure 100%.

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It updated to UTC when I first uploaded a game. Thanks.

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my new playdate is also in UTC so it makes a rather annoying desktop clock (while i’m working) until summer time ends of course here in the UK. Then it wont be annoying. :slight_smile: i suppose i could set the clock incorrectly on the mac then send a game down to it… love the device btw. porting my game i wrote using love2d in the evenings… Simon

Noting as a developer running the SDK on Linux that it didn’t appear to sync the time at all in that case. I assume NTP is planned (hopefully end users would not need to connect to a computer), but just being able to manually set the clock would also be a welcome addition.

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It looks like as of Sdk 0.11, this is resolved. Playdate now has a setup process that helps you pick a timezone, and then it looks like it hits NTP to get the correct time.

Thanks, Panic devs!