Options for art pipeline if using Pulp?

Hey everyone!

I'm just starting my journey with Playdate and Pulp right now. I've got a relatively simple design I think Pulp can handle, but I'm struggling with the tools and limitations a bit (which I know are kind of the point). I'm used to making art for video games...

I'd like to use a different program to make my sprites and then load them in somehow? Especially if I'm planning a larger, multi-titile background or object. Is this a thing? Can I edit my tiles outside of pulp and then load them back in?

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Or even just, could the tiles exported in the PDX file from pulp be edited and saved over?

Here's a post explaining how to import tiles: How do I import a sprite? - #2 by neven

Thanks so much! I couldn't find that. I'll give it a shot!

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