Pair Programming inquiry

I really want to make a math bowler, I'm a little burnt out I dont think I could make it in pulp, and I was curious if anyone would like to pair program with me in lua and/or c to make it. This would be my first game but I really love the playdate and the concept and I one day would love to be a game designer. Im free most days cause I work remote and see this being like a 2 week project max,NO SCOPE CREEP lol.

Hi, it would help to know a little bit more about you and your project for people to decide if they can help.

  • What’s a math bowler (for people not familiar)?
  • What’s your programming experience outside of making games? Do you know both Lua and C well? Do you prefer one?
  • What’s your timezone?

Good point lol! So I wanted to make a math game around bowling. the concept would be around making the smallest number either with multiplying with negative numbers and/ or division and subtraction or making the biggest number with maybe multiplication, addition, maybe exponents. I guess focusing around all ages. My programming experience is mostly java studied in school for my undergrad for 2 classes and did a bootcamp so my most complex project was a website using the Spring Model,View, Controller design model and java/sql/html,css,js. Ive read about lua but havent worked with it and would prefer to work with that. From what I've gathered you can use both in a playdate game like interchangeably. I'm EST.