Pause/resuming via menu button audio issue

Hello, I'm using the 1.11.1 SDK on Windows 7 and Windows 10 (another PC).

I have a issue when pressing the MENU button while testing my game via the Playdate Simulator. I have audio playing in the background (via fileplayer methods) and most of the time when I pause via menu button the audio stops and then resumes when I unpause the game. But only sometimes this does not work: when I pause the audio continues, but when I unpause the audio stops and doesn't ever resume.

I tried to implement callbacks of gameWillPause and gameWillResume but this does not work as well (it seems that sometimes these functions aren't called at all!)

Has anybody experienced this issue? Is there a solution to it, or something that eludes me?
Thank you!

You could try increasing the buffer size? It's a parameter on the method.

Tried that but it doesn't seem to work (actually it also crashed the simulator one time).
I also tried to load the audio in memory once instead of load/unload every time it must play, but no luck there too... I don't know what to do :sweat:

in my opinion this is a recent bug with playing certain audio files.

What type of audio file are you using? I'm guessing mp3?

Can you please try your music files in Audition (link to source). This app was at one time stable but with the same code, since an unknown firmware change, it is now unstable and crashes with certain audio files.