Play Timer - a simple stopwatch and timer!

menu demo

I made a basic timer and stopwatch. While I don't have much use for a stopwatch in my day-to-day activities, the timer is pretty handy for cooking and other simple tasks!

The stopwatch supports up to 10 lap times, and will 'run' in the background if the device is locked (I'm just recording the time you started the stopwatch, and diffing the current time on resume/update).
The timer supports up to 3 independent timers. Both modes have a dark mode option as well!

This project was a nice way to learn some of the parts of the Playdate system, and for me to get more comfortable with Lua.

You can download the app from here.

The source is available on my github page here - please use it however you wish!

Edit: I originally called this Play Time, but there is a much cooler clock project already posted here by that name, so I have renamed this to Play Timer!


Thanks! I need this!

Cool! I can see that Stereo Dock making the Playdate a nice kitchen timer.