Playbit - a framework for creating cross-platform Playdate games

I've been working on a framework alongside my Playdate projects to make cross-platform development easier. While none of my prototypes have turned into full games yet, I feel like my framework as reached a stage where its worth sharing :tada:


Playbit is a framework for creating cross-platform Playdate games from a single Lua codebase. To accomplish this, it has two key components:

  • A reimplemention the Playdate API in Love2D.
  • A build system that utilizes LuaPreprocess to strip/inject platform dependent code.

This project is in active development and has not reached a stable 1.0 release yet. There will be bugs and missing features - use in a production environment at your own risk.

For more information, please see the docs.

I'll be monitoring this thread, but prefer that feature requests and bug reports be added to the Github issue tracker.

Also community involvement is welcome - please feel free to open a pull request :heart:


How exciting! I'll be trying this.

Very useful! I like the Luapreprocess idea.

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Awesome! Please let me know if you have any trouble getting it working. I feel pretty good about the docs, but I'm sure there's a few holes here and there :sweat_smile:

This is incredibly fascinating, and it is huge step down the road to getting a functioning web-player for playdate projects.

Are there any plans for the C side of things?

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I havent explored web, but there are some tools for building love2d games for web, like this one

I dont have any plans for C. I really enjoy Lua and wanted to create something that didnt require mucking around in C. probably would have been more sane to approach this from the C side :sweat_smile:

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I know @donald.hays came up with his own approach to this love2d problem.

I'm trying to find it, but no joy so far.

Small change, but big impact: Playbit's build script now supports Mac! Special thanks to @notpeter :tada: