Playdate Bootlooping

My Playdate is unable to boot to the menu, it just keeps giving a slightly glitchy Playdate logo or will go to the crash screen. I've also tried booting it into recovery mode, but that hasn't worked either. And I tried removing data from games I've made to see if something with them was causing it, but that didn't help either.

This is what the crashlog said:

--- watchdog reset at 2024/03/16 21:48:44---
r0:0000160f r1:30006170 r2:02113ccb r3: 00000960
r12:00001bd8 lr:2403facd pc:240317c8 psr: 81000000
heap allocated: 0
Lua totalbytes=0 GCdebt=0 GCestimate=0 stacksize=0

Please contact support via the form at