playdate.getTime().millisecond is always 0 in Simulator (Linux)

On the PlaydateSimulator (I'm on Linux), the millisecond field of playdate.getTime() appears to always be 0. It works as expected on the actual Playdate.

This isn't specifically important to me; I was just using it for print() logging as I was exploring the API. Sub-second timing information is available in the Simulator from playdate.getSecondsSinceEpoch(), playdate.getElapsedTime() and playdate.getCurrentTimeMilliseconds().

To reproduce

  1. Create a Playdate project whose main.lua consists of:

    import "CoreLibs/object"
    local gfx =
    function playdate.update()
            gfx.drawText(tostring(playdate.getTime().millisecond), 10,10)
  2. Compile it

  3. Run it in PlaydateSimulator.

Expected behavior: number of screen changes between various values from 0 through 999. Console window includes lines like "[millisecond] = 0," where the number similarly changes to various values from 0 through 999.

Observed behavior: both numbers remain 0.

This same program, when installed on my actual Playdate, does display changing numbers on the screen.

Thanks for the report, I'll take a look!