playdate.getTime() returning 0 suddenly

Help! Overnight, playdate.getTime() is constantly returning 0 for the hour field. Every other field is correct, but hour is always 0.
I've made 0 updates to any of my projects, or to the playdate sdk. And this is happening across multiple computers.

I just launched my game that will literally not work if the hour is not correct and im trying to launch a update and now am completly stopped. Even if it still updates correctly on device (im afraid to do a build and upload atm and screw up my working build), i desperately need it working in simulator too.

Absolutely nothing has changed since I was using the project last night, and hour was returning correctly.

UPDATE: After waiting a bit and coming back, the playdate clock in simulator seems to have reset itself, and now I set it and im getting the proper return again. Before the playdate simulator was still displaying correct time while returning the wrong time. Super random, kinda scary

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