doesn't work anymore

The title is pretty self explanatory, my game Rocket Bytes doesn't work anymore because it converts the background tilemap into a sprite to draw.

it gives me this error:

I figured this out cause all of the lines causing errors were:
and replacing the tilemap with any generic image worked fine

I do have a fix but that includes drawing it in front of the sprites instead of behind which I don't think looks as good.

anyway here's a wacky unrelated gif of some stuff I was trying


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also why is it always me that notices when tilemaps go wrong? This is the second time I've found out about a tilemap issue that messes with Rocket Bytes :skull::skull::skull:

I guess it's good that I'm here to keep watch? lol

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some goofy ahh error moment

Agh, sorry about that! I got a fix in for the tilemap sprite problem, should be out later this week. Thank you for catching this!


of course! glad to help out

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