playdate->lua->pushSprite() does not return the correct value



playdate->lua->pushSprite() does not return the correct value.

The bug that newSprite() fails in C_API has not been fixed yet, so it is given from Lua side, but when I try to return it as a return value with pushSprite() from C_API, it stops with an error log.

Please check the reproduced project attached.

rake generate:simulator:debug build run

to start the simulator.

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Many thanks for the clear demo! It turned out to be one of those simple bugs that's been hiding in there since day 1 because nobody's ever used the function. I assume it worked when I first implemented it, but then other code changed and it broke without anyone noticing. :frowning:

I have a fix in the queue now, but it's not high priority so I don't know when it'll show up in a public release. As for a workaround until then, you could avoid pushing sprites back and forth through the C API by keeping references to the sprites in a table on the Lua side, then the C code would push the table index back to Lua instead of the sprite itself. I'd be happy to put together a quick demo, just let me know!