Playdate SDK Launcher.pdx problem

Hello! I just installed the latest Playdate SDK on Windows 11 and get the following error message on launch:

09:33:29: Update failed, simulator paused.
09:34:05: Loading: C:\Users\jorg\Documents\Playdate\Disk\System\Launcher.pdx
09:34:05: Loading: Failed
Load failed: "Launcher" was built with an old version of the SDK.

The device firmware has introduced an incompatible change since this PDX file was compiled.

PDX version: 9
Firmware is compatible with 10000 and up.

Please update and try again. Thanks!

I also get this pop-up window:

And this one:


Clicking cancel or retry on these sends me on an infinite loop, not allowing me to access the actual Simulator.

What do I do to fix this? Thank you!

Can you boot to disk mode and make sure you don't have a copy of Launcher in your games folder?

That happened to me once or twice with similar symptoms.

My Playdate isn't connected and it's giving me this error based on the Launcher file that came with the SDK's installation!

Odd right?


Is this the first time it's installed on this PC?

No dupicate installation or erroneous environment path?

You're a genius! There was an old duplicate version in an entirely different folder. Deleted it and now it's all working. Thank you! (I also feel a bit dumb all of a sudden.)

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For anyone looking at this in the future, you can hold shift when opening the Sim to reset it. That would have also resolved this issue. You can also hold shift and press the reload button as well.

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Thank you, will do that next time for sure!

Hmmm... and now, on my (Windows 10) desktop, I'm getting this:

18:09:06: SDK: C:\Program Files (x86)\PlaydateSDK
18:09:06: Release: 1.12.0
18:09:06: SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty failed (122) (required size=560)
18:09:06: Loading: C:\Program Files (x86)\PlaydateSDK\Disk\System\Launcher.pdx
18:09:06: Loading: OK
Update error: listView.lua:686: Couldn't open file at launcherprefs.tmp: Permission denied
stack traceback:
** [C]: in field 'write'**
** listView.lua:686: in method 'saveScrollPosition'**
** listView.lua:620: in method 'setup'**
** main.lua:63: in function main.lua:59**
18:09:06: Update failed, simulator paused.

How do I resolve this, do you know? I'm not a coder, so I'm clearly in the dumbass tier of people here. :slight_smile:

You have to install the SDK in a writeable location, that will fix you up.