Playdate.sound.fileplayer getLength() / getOffset() returns incorrect values

playdate.sound.fileplayer getLength() / getOffset() return incorrect values since SDK 1.10.0

limport "CoreLibs/graphics"

local gfx <const> =
local fp ="resource/test.mp3")

function playdate.update()
	gfx.drawText("Length:" .. tostring(fp:getLength()), 10, 10)
	gfx.drawText("Offset: " .. tostring(fp:getOffset()), 10, 50)

SDK 1.9.3:

SDK 1.10.0:

getLength() returns a fixed decimal value.
getOffset() returns almost the same value, even during playback.

Reproduced on Windows/Mac Simulator and Playdate Device.
This has been occurring since updating to SDK 1.10.0

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I'm also seeing this, and i wondered if it was due to the new behaviour of fileplayers delaying opening the file.

I think getLength should open the file.

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For posterity's sake, I believe this is a dupe of I'm been having a lot of trouble with the fileplayer - #5 by NeoTechni


I think I’m also seeing incorrect lengths with sampleplayer – playdate.sound.sampleplayer:getLength() reports slightly more than double the actual length after using to load from a few different ADPCM wav files (encoded using the ffmpeg command in the docs), although I haven’t investigated it very thoroughly. Could that be the same underlying issue as well, or something different?

I haven’t tried getOffset, but playdate.sound.sampleplayer:setOffset() also requires doubling the value to get it to seek close to the right place.

just fixed that, thanks! I had the logic swapped for mono vs stereo, and was counting samples instead of pairs. :man_facepalming:


With SDK 1.12.0, getLength() / getOffset() now return the correct values. Thanks for the fix!
However, there is a new problem that when setOffset is called, the value of getLength() is incorrect.

local gfx =

local _sndPlayer = nil
local _status = "Playing ..."

_sndPlayer ="sounds/Test.mp3")
_sndPlayer:setFinishCallback(function () _status = "Finished!" end)

function playdate.AButtonDown()
    local offset = _sndPlayer:getOffset()
    offset += 1
    if offset < _sndPlayer:getLength() then

function playdate.update()
    gfx.drawText(_status , 50, 40)
    gfx.drawText("Offset: " .. _sndPlayer:getOffset() , 50, 80)
    gfx.drawText("Length: " .. _sndPlayer:getLength() , 50, 120)
end (7.1 MB)

In my test program, when I press the AButton, I advance the Offset by 1, but each time I press the AButton, the value of getLength changes.

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sampleplayer:setOffset() seems to be completely broken now (as of 1.12.0).

I’m using sampleplayer:setOffset(seconds) followed by sampleplayer:play(1) and it starts at the wrong place in the sample (too early) and doesn’t finish playing before it stops.

In 1.11, I was able to work around the issue by simply halving all the values I got from sampleplayer:getLength and doubling all the values I passed to sampleplayer:setOffset. In 1.12.0, I can’t find any workaround: sampleplayer:getLength now returns the correct value, but sampleplayer:setOffset seeks to the wrong place. I attempted to work around this by adding a multiplier to the value I pass to sampleplayer:setOffset to correct for the wrong start time, which sort of works but crashes the simulator when the sample finishes playing (crash output here). Trying this on device results in a freeze followed by the “Sorry, your Playdate needs to restart” screen without the option to press B for the crash log. The file in question is a stereo ADPCM .wav.

I can confirm that all the issues I had with sampleplayer are fixed in 1.12.2

The fileplayer(MP3) getLength(), get/setOffset() issue also occurs in SDK1.12.2.

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