PlayDither- A web tool for 1-bit image dithering

Built a little tool for applying different dithering algorithms to images- hope it's useful for others!



Nice! Your UI is super clean.

Could do with some more dither types. I'll message you with all of mine.

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Updated with a bunch more dither types, image adjustment, and a channel mixer for the grayscale intermediate:

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In my tool I added the ability to click and hold on the image to reveal the original at the same size as the dithered one. This makes it easy to fine tune settings for specific areas of the image.

Plus you can then fit more settings in the side panel.

wound up doing that as well!



OK then! how about:

  • full keyboard control, it seems to partially work using tab but it's not clear which slider is selected
  • notches on the sliders to make easy setting of common/dividing values
  • greyscale methods
  • threshold cut
  • hue rotate, easy and useful!
  • replace colours to get the two Playdate shades of grey rather than black and white

plus either

  • saving and loading of settings


  • multiple image support

to be able to dither a bunch of images the same way

greyscale methods
hue rotate, easy and useful!

Does the color mix slider work? it gives an equivalent effect for most things.

replace colours to get the two Playdate shades of grey rather than black and white

Hah, added that last night but hadn't uploaded yet, see simulate display in the Output settings.

The rest of these are good ideas and I'll pick at them.

It works, but I can't remember the values for the different types of greyscale conversions.

Thank you I used your software for some parts of my game:
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