Player sprite is getting stuck


I'm a complete noob at design and games. I have many years dev experience, but this is all very new to me.

I'd like to build a little fish feeding game, you'll drop food from the top of the screen and fish swimming below will eat it. The aim is to not let your fish die of starvation or gluttony.

I've got the basics of a tank and food, using walls I'm trapping the player (hand) at the top row. But, when starting the game you can move either left or right, but then you are trapped on the left or right of the screen.


Any or all pointers appreciated - full source attached.

Fish (4.6 KB)

Worked it out. I had a wall tile behind the player sprite. When moved off it couldn't move back through it.

Simple user error - but discovered it when switching to to font screen.

Games is coming along nicely at the moment.