Playposperous Hub - Released + OST!

I'm very happy to present you Playposterous Hub.

It’s has been tons of hour of fun and debug since month i work on this project.

I learn a lot with this game about Pulp and debugging.

I don't possesse a physical playdate bug i try my bust to not have any crash on the emulator.

Playposterous Hub is made of challenge where you have too beat 33 different events that are very different !
I enjoy the pulp music editor for creating very interesting piece of music !

So that I created an OST available with the game at download
Playposterous Hub Ost

Here's my new game made with pulp that will be release in late summer : Playprosperous Hub.
By cardinally go with direction on crank do foot, enigma, action By going to the event by the challenge Hub.

Between 33-99 event will be available
All event have is own track and playing
Make at each event your best record
With the trophy and end the game by check up all the challenges (events) !

Check the for more information the gamevlog will be updated as possible !
Playposterous Hub (Playdate Pulp) by samplay

I have some good advancement in Playposterous Hub. But for know i'm just here too show you a short video with the Sword event :slight_smile: