Prototype for a Myst like game

Hey all!

So very excited to finally get my hands on the SDK and the emulator.

An idea for a Myst-like where you'd explore a pre-rendered world has been stuck in my head recently. The crank could surely be put to good use for puzzesolving as well.

Made a prototype for it:

The scenes are rendered in Blender and then dithered, this is how it looks in Blender:

Not sure where I'll go with this, but I'd definitely love to make a small 10min game out of it.


i like this!

How about trying different dithering algorithms? I think it could give the scene different lighting.


oh wow!! this is looking really cool. I love the concept and love myst-likes so much!! I think @matt has a point too in that you can try different dithering styles and experiment with the look. keep up the great work!! eek

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I love that idea, keep us posted on your progress, I'm curious to see where you'll take this!


Really nice :slight_smile:

There is a Lukas pope blog post about rendering in 1 bit in Blender that you might find interesting.

A while ago I also mockup Myst on playdate and adding the fading between screens really improved the myst-flavour.


Thanks for the tips!

The scene is really low contrast and hard to read at the moment yeah. A lot of good info in the links you posted, looks like I approached dithering very naively hehe.

Tried a couple of different methods, seems like breaking the image into 6 shades and using Atkinson's works better already.

I'll give edge detection from Lukas's article a try, maybe it makes the scene easier to read.

Also, great tip on the fading @Nic, will add that too :slight_smile:


I LOVE how this is coming along! Seeing 3D graphics on the Playdate is such a cool thing to me. I can't wait to see more!

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I love the idea behind pre-rendered backdrops, I experimented with it a while back but never got around to making much:

Interested to see where you take this!

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looks dope! very inspired to try something similar

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Looks cool, I am using a lot of pre-rendered sprites in my game as well :playdate_sideways_smile:


Was thinking about this today! It haunts me. :sweat_smile:

Any progress?

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yeah ive been thinking about it a bit lately too ;-; i rly hope it's still in development aa

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Wow! It looks cool, I hope it turns into an actual game.

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Thanks for the interest! Helps with motivation :smile:

I'm still working on it, but progress is slow as summer finally arrived.

I've been wanting to make a vertical slice of sorts of the first area. It's not finished yet, but at least I can show some progress.
(the long pauses when picking up items are because there are sounds playing then, but they're very wip, and it seems the emulator doesn't support recording videos with sound out of the box)

The biggest difficulty is making the scenes readable, I know there are parts now which are completely disorienting. I need to fill in more objects so there are more points of reference. Maybe add a little compass as well.


Great news! Thanks for the update.

Regarding readability: it is probably not possible, or at least very difficult, to dither a scene in one pass and maintain readability. If you want to continue with that technique, you'll need to find a set of hues (not colours, per-se) that dither well together.

Alternatively, you could do what I did with my Daily Driver renders: use the RGBA channels to split the image into four components which can all be dithered/processed individually to provide contrast or draw the players eye to objects.


  • red, dither using Atkinson
  • blue, dither using Burkes
  • green, replace with 50% grey checkerboard pattern
  • alpha, replace with galaxy background image using stencil/mask

Hope this makes sense.


Great stuff @matt , makes sense! Seems to be like screen-space textures in a sense. I was looking for a way to at least make the interactible objects stand out, I'll see if I can give this a shot.

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Would be great to have another update about this, have been hearing people talk about this. So it seems highly anticipated :slight_smile:


That smooth dither is quite yummy on the eyes. :slight_smile:

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From the animated gifs things look a bit choppy, but I do like the dithering you're doing. Have you thought about having pre-rendered animations when traveling from point A to point B? I know some point and click games did this.

This is looking realy cool, looking forward to seeing whee it goes, i was wana try some blender renderd stuff on playdate too. good to know it looks good :slight_smile: keep it up

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