Pulp Battle System Test

So there I was, thinking about features I could add to Sussy's Journey and possibly Dripleaf-
And this was not one of them!

To be completely honest, I just thought "What would a battle system in Pulp even look like?" and made this. It's a bit clogged to actually add to a game, at least to me, but it is a battle system I created. In Pulp. (cool).

Here're some pictures:
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And the download files, as always:

JSON_BattleTest.zip (3.6 KB)

PDX_BattleTest.zip (35.8 KB)

Oh also idk how it runs on the Playdate Lol- Edit: Was informed that it runs well!
Feel free to make any edits or use it, even. Idrc what you do with it because I won't actually be using it in the planned future but you should definitely show me if you make something.


that is a very... long... string

runs good on device !

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Haha! I hope you're referring to the silly string I wrote when I was realizing the concept of everything in the past being indefinitely permanent!

But I'm glad it runs well! Thanks for the feedback! (:

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