Pulpmon - Dev Blog

Refactored some trainer interaction code. Latest version no longer has issues with being beaten once the first 1 is beaten. + some other nice small fixes.
It makes the experience a bit more smooth. Hope it helps ya!

Hey, I just have to say, the code on Pulpmon is amazing. I was hoping to make a game facing similar issues (basically a CCG roguelite needing to collect and then call on/alter cards), and I wasn't sure it could be done until I read the Pulpmon code. The consistent and clear documentation is REALLY helpful.

72 hours later and I'm on my way to getting a game finished (graphics are placeholders and sound...recorded very wierdly):

By the way, it looks like Pulpmon doesn't let you cancel out of the top menu with (b), which is the default behavior. I noticed in the documentation this can be changed with "config.allowDismissRootMenu = 1", assuming it isn't initentional.

Hi what documentation are you talking about? + the code has not been shared of this project. so are you perhaps talking about Cotton instead of Pulpmon?

Shit, I was worried it might have been unintentional. You uploaded the .json to Itch. If you want to keep it private you should delete the .json file from the PDX you share publicly.

FWIW I didn't copy any of your code literally, just saw how you did things like organize an arbitrary number of pulpmon in the player's inventory or have trainers call defined pulpmon. I'm making a CCG-like card game (a demake of Inscryption if you've ever played it), and I wasn't sure until seeing your code that it would even be possible to create templates for cards that could then be called to create individual versions of a card that can take specific attributes and be stored offscreen.

Oh dont worry about it! Apparently you can just unpack the .pdx files to grab the json file. Didn't know that. Also. Grab whatever you like from the source :slight_smile: I don't mind at all! It was my intention to share the json anyway later. But I guess now is more than fine.

Yes Pulp is pretty powerful. I've tried to make the code as clean as I can so if it helps you, use it!