[QUESTION] How to program, what games are already available, is it possible to publish them?

Hello everyone, I'm new to Playdate, I just like the platform itself and its idea, so I decided to ask a few questions, please don't be angry if other people have already asked this :wink:

  1. What programming language? Self-written or already used by popular solutions (C, Lua)
  2. What games have already been released? Can they be installed on other platforms (Windows, Mac Os, Linux)
  3. And the last question at the moment, does it have its own platform for publishing games?

Thanks in advance to everyone who answers these questions, I really appreciate it!

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#1 - It's it's own thing (PulpScript) in the Pulp editor, a bit similar to Javascript or Actionscript.
Full documentation for it at this link here:

#2 None, because the Playdate hasn't shipped yet so the only units floating around the wild are dev units! There are some cool community projects available on the forum here though if you have a look through older threads. Can't be "installed" as such because they're either a project file for pulp or a compressed file readable by the playdate only and there's no desktop version of the emulator, so you'd have to play them in the browser.

#3 Not yet, because the units haven't shipped yet and it is, I believe, something being worked on / considered.


Note that Matt's answers above apply to Pulp, our web-based game maker.

Later this month, we'll also release our full SDK. That will support writing your game in Lua, C, or both together.