Quick dithering tool

I discovered Atkinson's dithering and wrote a quick tool to generate images using it and comparing it with Floyd Steinberg. Thought it might be useful so sharing here :slightly_smiling_face:

Here's an example using Floyd-Steinberg

Atkinson was designed for the original Macintosh, it provides better contrast, at the cost of a bit of detail. Feels like a great fit for Playdate.

Original tweet: https://twitter.com/t0m_fr/status/1495876420274462735



Thanks for sharing. I always like the look of the Atkinson dithering.
I think its strength is that it doesn't transmit the full error value but only part of it. That creates wider white space which in most cases looks better (but not always)

Very cool!

I have a collection of as many dithering matrix as I could find, if you want to add more?

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Oh cool, sure! Where can I find it ?



hahaha this is so cool :grinning:

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