RTS building simulator (in dev)

Hello there.

I want to share my early build of an isometric economic simulator I'm making.
.You are the head of the city, who came to restore the island after a long war.
You have to develop the island, build buildings, manage resources and meet the needs of residents.

The game will be divided into 3 story chapters where the user will complete main and side story quests

Please test the build (Google Drive) on a physical device (click settings -> load). Use the crank, map navigation and dialogue system by opening the diary inside the lighthouse.


Hey there!

Seeing an entry in this genre is quite exciting, I was thinking about wanting to do something RTS like too. But not something like Advance Wars, which we already have in the form of Sasquatchers.

Perhaps its the economy and building I like the most. So yeah, this is cool.

I couldn't understand how to play the game, unfortunately. I managed to select a house and see placement options on the map, but pressing A did not build the house as I expected.

Unfortunately, performance on device is along way from playable. Starting the game takes several seconds and the framerate is around 4 fps.

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Thanks for the answer! I'm glad you started the game on a physical device and told me about the problems.

The gameplay should be like regular rts games. Build buildings, collect taxes, get new resources and complete quests. The main thing is that the inhabitants of the island are happy, and this requires more resources :slight_smile:
This is how it looked on my simulator:

Apparently, due to performance problems, the handler for the construction of buildings did not work, which is a pity.
I left a lot of room for optimizations, I hope to eventually get a stable 30 fps!

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The isometric illustrations look great! I'm a little worried about the typeface for the UI in general, the numbers and the text for the right panel, they don't seem very readable.

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Some updates:
Increased fps to 30. Set setUpdatesEnabled for tiles that do not use animation.
Also heavy functions like DFS wrapped in coroutines.
Thanks to discord community for the help with testing!

Now I'm creating a menu for the game: