SameBoy port for Playdate

Hiya! Continuing the spirit of Peanut-GB, Playboy, and gamekid I've decided to toss a hat in the ring and take a stab at porting the SameBoy emulator over to Playdate :slight_smile:

Progress being tracked here:

tl;dr the idea is to work on the foundations of a really solid existing emulator written in C and see if it's possible to squish its performance into the constraints of Playdate :smiley: The three other emulator projects all cited performance challenges, so the horizon's already looking stormy but I'm setting sail nonetheless.

Unfortunately, this is all a hypothetical sailing adventure for me right now because I won't be getting hardware until sometime next year — if anyone's got access to hardware and a penchant for performance optimization puzzles, would love to jazz with you! I'll be pushing all of my WIP stuff to my fork of SameBoy.

Latest visual update, showing audio + control + rendering working: