Scoreboards / Upload Issues

we're testing a v1.1 build of Gun Trails, and people's USB sideloaded copy is having trouble with the scoreboard API, but I'm unclear as to why (the error is a bit opaque).

my locally sideloaded (via USB, Simulator) copy is able to submit scores fine.

any help would be appreciated as this blocks submitting the patch.

cc @dan who I've seen on other scoreboard threads

I can confirm that this error occurred when I uploaded through USB/Simulator, and that this was the error received when trying to upload new score. My sideloaded game registers superfunc's new high score & recognizes my older score as mine on the scoreboard page, but will not update my score under v1.1 build after a game run.

Hello! After talking to our engineers, here's what I'm told:

Sideloading via the web rewrites the game ID; so the game doesn't try to post to the same scoreboard, and it's probably failing silently.

We only allow scores to be posted from a game purchased and downloaded via the catalog.

We make an exception for the game's owner, to allow for testing builds; the reason why your USB-sideloaded scores work is because we actually let the game's owner skip the signature check, so that they can test beta builds of their game after the signature check is active.

Here's what we'll plan to do on our end:

  • Add this info to the scoreboard docs
  • Improve the logging message so it is clear that a signature was required. We should log an additional message, something like, "Signature required. USB-sideloaded games can't provide a signature so posting highscores is not supported."
  • Add something to the SDK call so builds can check if they are even allowed to post scores, and let the game disable the highscore section altogether, or show a message explaining why it is disabled.

that all makes sense, one follow up Q:

prior to release I had a friend testing with me, and their scores were able to upload OK, is there a change that goes into effect as part of the catalog release process so that no longer works once the game is active on catalog?

Very useful, while I was having success in the registered sim, I did not know about the owner-exception so I confused the failure coming from the bundle ID changing from web-sideloading with a general inability to test this API on the HW via sideloading. I'll try with USB-sideloading.