"Screen Tearing" when using fillRect() and animated sprites

I’m using gfx.fillRect() to create a black rects letterboxing effect at the end of level during a little cutscene. I have an animated sprite with transparency fly in off the screen and when it does, it leaves tears/artifacts in the gfx.fillRect() letterboxing.

This is appearing for me on SDK 1.0.8-dev.113420. I wasn’t see this on any prior SDKs.

If it would be useful, I can supply a .pdx of the game where this occurs. It’s reproducible every time. Thanks!

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yep, I see that. Looking into it now!

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Okay, the problem is the HUD doesn’t know that it needs to redraw when it’s animating. Forcing redraw in those cases by calling self:markDirty() fixes this.

Look at this beauty!


Thanks a ton Dave :smiley: