Simulator and Device Crashing Instantly on 2.5.0

So I updated to 2.5.0 and now whenever I build for the device, I get an instant crash in the simulator. I tried to sideload the game on the device and it crashes as well. The crashlog.txt is EMPTY. I tried to build the C examples - same thing - as soon as I open the pdx in the simulator it crashes.
I'm on Windows using Visual Studio. When I build the game there, it runs fine - no issues.
Wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

Ok, my bad. On device the game isn't exactly crashing. It's hanging on the first frame but instead of drawing any of the game's graphics, it shows either black, white, or some weird pattern. If I press the menu button, the drawn frame changes color and very rarely it would draw the first frame of the game. And it crashes when I close the game which is a fault in my code.

So this for me is even weirder- Simulator - instant crash, Device - strange behavior and crash on close.

This for me happens with any of the C examples as well, not just my game.

That's very weird. Can you build one of the examples and send me the resulting pdx and also the pdex.elf file it compiled? I don't if VS compiles that to a folder called "build" like it does on macOS, but there should also be a copy in the Source folder.

Hi Dave, thanks for getting back to me!
After a lot more tinkering I found the root of the cuase. It was a problem with the simulator's appdata folder. I deleted it, restarted the PC and the problem is now gone. I can send you the falty data folder I deleted if you'd like to check it out.

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Glad you sorted it out! Hopefully it's just a random fluke. But if it happens again, yes, we'd love to get a copy of that data folder and try to figure out what's going on.