Simulator keeps crashing

Whenever I open the simulator, it instantly crashes. Not sure what caused it except updating the SDK to the latest version. Anyone have this error as well, or know how to fix?

What OS are we talking about? If you hold shift on launch, it will reset the Sim and might get you up and running.

do you have a stack trace to share?

Ok solving one problem just created another lol. The simulator crashing was because of a game project I'm working on, didn't realize that it was still loaded after i closed and opened the simulator. Still haven't figured out the game crashing though :frowning:

What tools / os / language are you using to develop?

i'm on windows 10, using lua and VS code, with the VS code template

that's very odd. What happens if you run the sim w/out your game? Does it still crash upon boot up?

oh yeah sorry, i wasn't clear before. hitting shift when booting up the sim fixed the error, but running my game crashes it again. i'm still trying to figure out why my game makes the simulator crash though

Are you using some type of software version control like git? If not, i definitely recommend you learn & use it.

if its only crashing with your game and nothing else your game is the issue not the simulator, you might be doing things wrong memory wise or that segfaults the sim or it crashing. does it show an error or not ? if not its most definatly a segfault you cause somehow due to code in your lua code

yeah the reason i narrowed it down to is one of my functions called before the update loop is taking more than 10 sec and timing out. i have more info about it here Trouble with querySpriteInfoAlongLine?

ah i see you run into the 10 second limit per frame