Soundpal: an MP3 player

Happy near year everyone!

I wanted to introduce a project I've been working on called Soundpal!

About :

Soundpal is a basic MP3 player. It has various configuration options built in to suit your particular needs.

I know there are a few other music player projects out there! If this one doesn't fit your needs, maybe one of these does:

  • Musik by @nanobot567
  • If you're a developer who owns a different music player, let me know. I'd love to link to them here.

Revision history:

  • v0.2
    • Two new visualizers
    • Fix autolock bug
    • Fix menu scrolling bug
  • v0.1
    • Basic ID3 (v2/3) tag support: song, artist, album
    • Basic sorting: all songs, artist, artist+album
    • Randomization / Loop modes
    • Toggle between light & dark themes
    • Choose between a handful of fonts
    • Choose between various text legibility options
    • Choose between four "visualizers": cycle or toggle off to save battery life

Known limitations:

  • No scrubbing support
  • No custom playlist support
  • Does not display album art






From my website ( or direct link here. The pdx will work on hardware or macOS Simulator. It is untested on Windows/Linux simulator, though I expect it won't work there

Directions for how to install (to hardware, sim -- though I think many folks here already know how) as well as where to put your music files is available on the website (and in the README bundled in the zip). It's lengthy, so I didn't want to pollute this post with them.

Assorted other dev notes:

  • This project was built using the C-API.
  • All rendering is live, using primitive drawing APIs. No pre-rendered artwork (other than the fonts).
  • There is more to come -- but it's not quite ready to show off yet!

Happy to answer any questions, feedback, and any bug reports for songs that might be troublesome (I've run into a few, myself).



Awesome, Jay.

Jay makes apps and games!

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This music player looks awesome!! Nice work!

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Thank you! :heart:

You're the creator of Musik, right? Can I link to it in the top post? :slight_smile:

That's me! If you want to add a link to Musik go ahead!

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Minor updates (detailed in top post). Notably: the console will no longer auto-lock during music playback. :slight_smile:

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