Spider SG-21: A remake of an old LCD handheld electronic game

This is my first project using Lua.

The original Spider (SG-21) was a LCD handheld electronic game made by Tronica. This is a remake made from memories, photographs and video recordings of the original device.



  • Hand made graphics
  • Replicates the original gameplay including sound
  • Has added optional crank controls

Binaries available to download at: Spider SG-21 (for Playdate) by kounch

Source code also available at: GitHub - kounch/PDSpiderSG21: A remake made from memories, photograps and video recordings of the original device

I hope that you like it and enjoy it.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


This is a great idea! I used to love these type of games as a kid, got one that was handed down to me from an uncle. Would be awesome to see some new ones inspired by this style of games.

Did you know a device to play games like this was the original genesis of Playdate?